Without emotional love, spiritual and inner beauty, my life would not be complete...

Of course I cannot say that I have all the answers to all the questions, but I feel that God has given me the task of enlightening other people about how they can take care of their own health and beauty. But not only that - the school of life and the nourishment I have gained from caring for people around me have taught me so many things that I can share with you here.

Life is all about relationships, not money, material goods, nor earthly success. Take time out to relate to those who are reaching out. Become a good listener, remember the household chores - that work assignment can sometimes wait. Other people are in your life for a reason so try to connect. Exercise patience and utter a kind word here and there - this can go a long way. Basically let other people know that someone cares enough to take time out for them.

The development of "Spiritual Beauty", as I call it, is often overlooked. This is when the spiritual experiences of an individual start to reflect on the person's appearance. There are people whose love for others and connection with God or another spiritual source is such that they have the appearance of beauty. Unlike physical beauty Spiritual Beauty brings joy to the owner as well as those who come into contact with the individual. These people inspire us to connect with God and our spiritual selves, to enquire what they have and to strive to possess it. Spiritual Beauty has no time limitations. It doesn't fade with the first signs of ageing. The only maintenance it requires is constant contact with God and loving actions. In fact it grows with time and with deeper spiritual experience.

Some people have an inbred connection and desire for the spiritual and are naturally drawn to a quest for peace, love and sincerity - but most of us have to develop such instincts. Tis can be difficult, especially in a society that offers non-spiritual solutions. Many find God or spiritual enlightenment through a life-changing or traumatic experience. Having sunk so low they've needed to seek a way out of their personal hell.

I was fortunate to have a close experience of someone who possessed Spiritual Beauty - and that person was my Mother.
You may look at your reflection in the mirror and have mixed emotions at what you see. Smile and know that God has created something unique which is perfect in every way. Striving for inner beauty creates a glow; a positive aura that people find infectious. It can also creep up on you when you least expect it.People will start to compliment you, smile and warm to you - and you in turn will see God's beauty in them.

I'm not saying that the road will be easy as the one thing that negative people can't stand is a positive person. Sometimes there will be circumstances that try to rob you of your peace but try to stand firm. Take your time as things are not always what they seem. Sometimes taking a deep breath can prevent an unkind word being said. Forgiveness is something of which those who walk in the spirit are very much aware and which they exercise almost daily.

Persevere on your own journey as the rewards are great and many. They can be the difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life. Welcoming the presence of God in your life makes you aware of his many blessings.

Even in the most desperate of situations there's beauty and love to be found. Go for walks, feel the breeze on your face, stop to smell a flower and be safe in the knowledge that a higher power is in control - not your money, your boss, your partner nor your children.

Seek out beauty, make you home into a sanctuary, do regular clear-outs and refill it with beautiful things and memories. Buy candles and flowers, burn incense and fragrance oils. You don't need lots of cash to make simple changes. When you open the door let your home be filled with a peaceful and serene feeling. Don't automatically turn on the television - take a moment to reconnect.

Finally, always have a song in your heart. It's a great stress buster and one with loving, positive lyrics can do wonders for your subconscious. Don't be anxious. Cast your cares on God.

Peace be with you



"When you open the door... ...don't automatically turn on the TV"

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